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Cloud Security

SEBI’s Blueprint for Cloud Services

Transforming the Regulatory Landscape for Financial Entities The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is making a significant shift towards cloud computing within the financial sector. By developing a dedicated framework, SEBI ensures that regulated entities (REs) can leverage

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Cloud Security

CSPM unpacked: What it means for your Cloud Security

While organizations capitalize on cloud computing, data security and privacy issues intensify. Enter Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), a concept that has emerged as a response to cloud security risks. CSPM represents a proactive approach to identifying, mitigating, and managing

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cloud security threats
Cloud Security

The Cloud’s Dark Side: Top Security Threats of 2024

As cloud computing grows more integral to business operations, cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and software supply chains have become increasingly essential and vulnerable. Cloud-native malware is also emerging as a formidable threat. Understanding these risks and employing effective security

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cloud security tools

21 Cloud Security Tools for Hyper Growth Companies

What is Cloud Security? Cloud computing is a hosted service offered as software, hardware, or even storage over the web, often as a vital part of multi or hybrid cloud infrastructure. It provides excellent benefits such as faster deployments, scalability,

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