Continuous Compliance

Beat that Audit Heat

cloud resource types

Assess Continuously

Discover 80+ resource types across AWS and Azure public cloud deployments.

Compliance Library

An intelligent contextual engine that adds more colour to your cloud data and event streams.

cloud compliance

Custom Compliance

Generate compliance reports against standards such as CIS benchmarks or PCI-DSS instantly

custom compliance standards

Further Reading


16 AWS IAM Best Practices You Should Know

Before we get started with best practices around using AWS IAM, let’s get our head around some underlying concepts and risks associated with “not getting IAM right”.  Though this post uses AWS IAM as a reference point, readers & security

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aws security group

AWS Security Group Best Practices

What is a Security Group? An AWS security group is a virtual firewall which can be applied to one or more AWS resources to control its inbound  traffic. One thing to keep in mind is that AWS security groups are all permissive

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cert in 70b regulation

A Practical Approach to CERT-In 70B Compliance

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) India is a national nodal agency that’s been around since 2004 and responsible for responding to cyber security incidents as they occur. India has faced an increasing level of cyber attacks over the last few

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