Security Analytics

Unleash the Power of Data

cloud native architecture

Scalable Data Lake

Built with a cloud native architecture, the security data lake scales as you grow with nil operational overhead.

SQL Driven Analytics

Analyse TBs of security telemetry using simple SQL!

sql friendly data lake siem

ML Ready

Integrate your favourite ML / analytics notebooks to create feature-sets or algorithms.

ml driven security analytics

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What is Cloud Security? Cloud computing is a hosted service offered as software, hardware, or even storage over the web, often as a vital part of multi or hybrid cloud infrastructure. It provides excellent benefits such as faster deployments, scalability,

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Security Services in a Nutshell at re:Invent 2022

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cy5 astra alerts
Product Updates

Contextual Cloud Security Checks with Astra Alerts

Traditional CSPM or cloud security monitoring platforms run checks across various cloud resources. The challenge however, becomes evident when scans are run across thousands of cloud resources and false positives start mounting resulting in alert fatigue. “Astra Alerts” – Cy5’s extension to traditional CSPM

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