Security Analytics

Unleash the Power of Data

cloud native architecture

Scalable Data Lake

Built with a cloud native architecture, the security data lake scales as you grow with nil operational overhead.

SQL Driven Analytics

Analyse TBs of security telemetry using simple SQL!

sql friendly data lake siem

ML Ready

Integrate your favourite ML / analytics notebooks to create feature-sets or algorithms.

ml driven security analytics

Further Reading


Practical AWS Logging in 5 Steps

Logging is probably one of the most crucial areas when a security or operational incident needs to be investigated…. is what most technology practitioners would say.  But, monitoring logs for malicious or unusual activity, carrying out threat hunting are proactive

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aws s3 security

14 AWS S3 Security Best Practices

S3 or Simple Storage Service : the most popular service in AWS and undoubtedly the most low hanging service from a security misconfiguration perspective.  Over the years, organisations hosted on public cloud have seen a series of breaches arising due

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denonia monero mining

Denonia – Guide to Prevention & Detection

Well it’s not unheard of, that security issues, malware or exploits often follow soon after an emerging technology finds prominence. Denonia, the first Lambda malware is out. Originally discovered by Cado Labs a few days ago, Denonia specifically targets Lambda functions with

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